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Are you ready for Fall?  Most of us aren’t, because we know what follows, that bad four-letter word called SNOW!  Brrrr!  We can’t avoid it, it’s coming, but we can still enjoy our Fall and all the fun decorating that you can do. 

Here is a fun outdoor decorating idea that you can create to light up your front porch, or use next to your fire pit on those cold Fall nights.  Start saving some metal cans from coffee or beans to create these adorable metal Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries! 

Here’s what you will need to start your project:

Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer – Gray (#51318)
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint – Black (#51601)
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint – Pumpkin Orange (#52411)
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint – Tuscan Sunset (#53535)
Krylon Fluorescent Paint – Yellow-Orange (#3102)
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic – Clear (#1303)
Assorted clean metal cans (models made using 1–2 lb. coffee cans)
Awl and wooden mallet
One ½” flat brush
Votive candle (one per pumpkin)
19 gauge steel wire, darkened anneated (approx. 1½–2½ ft. per pumpkin)
*Please Note: Inside of can has rough edges. Do not let children play with these.

Sponges (slightly dampen before use)
Paper plate
Drop cloth

Fill can to ¾” from top with water. Freeze.
Use a permanent marker to draw pumpkin face on can. Carefully punch holes along marked line, 1/8″– ¼” apart, using awl and mallet. Punch two holes for handle at top. NOTE:  The ice inside the can helps to hold it’s shape while you punch holes.

Thaw ice and remove from can. Wipe dry.

Spray inside and outside of can with Gray Primer. Let dry.

Spray inside of can with Gloss Black. Let dry.

Spray outside of can with desired orange base color. Let dry.

Spray a puddle of Fluorescent paint on paper plate. Sponge paint randomly over outside of can. Let dry.

Spray a puddle of Tuscan Sunset paint on paper plate. Sponge onto cheek area at corners of mouth. Let dry.

Spray a puddle of Gloss Black paint on paper plate. Use brush to apply paint to eyes, nose, and mouth. Let dry.

Spray two coats of Crystal Clear, allowing to dry between coats.

Cut a length of wire 6–8″ longer than desired size. Create loops by coiling wire around pencil. Attach wire through handle holes. Wrap ends to secure; trim off excess wire.

Place candle inside can and light. Let these adorable metal Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries welcome your guests!