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We dream about Halloween all the time, really we do, and there’s actually only 260 days left until it’s here!  We are always looking for new & unique items to bring to you to enhance your Halloween decorating and enlarge your prop collection. 

We are proud to announce our new Cement Skulls for Halloween that you can use in your own “Home Haunt” or hang them on your walls in your home.  No matter where you decide to place them, these skulls will definitely become a conversation piece! 

Skull is darker in color while it's drying - Once dried it will be a light gray

Skull weighs in at a little over 3 pounds 11 ounces and is approximately 7 1/2″ x 5″ x 2 1/2″ and comes with a hook attached to the back.  Each skull that is made will be slightly different from the photo shown due to how the cement dries & sets, but these slight differences actually make the skulls more realistic looking.  When you place your order for one of these skulls, we will go to work and start your mold right away, but it takes about a week for the skulls to completely dry & set before they can be shipped.  And, for an example, you can even add some “eyes” to your skull, but they are not included in your order, as this is just an example of what you can do to your skull for a more eerie look.

SAMPLE: Skull with Eyes

We are here to enhance your scare factor for Halloween, so keep checking back on our website to see what we’re up to!


For all you Halloween enthusiasts out there, we are proud to announce that we have a HUGE Halloween Shipment coming in next week. 

This is just a sneak peek at what’s coming….


Standing 2′ tall (24″), the Spewing Corpse looks like he is pulling himself out of the ground – and then sprays the whole area with fog!  Spewing Corpse has a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shroud with an attached 110 Volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look.  The 3′ long connector and hose attachment will fit onto standard fog machines.  Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt with crumpled newspaper, hook up the hose to your own fog machine and let the creepiness begin!  NOTE:  Fog Machine not included.

Prepare to meet your doom! Standing 2 feet tall, the Wretched Reaper has a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with stringy synthetic hair from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look. The 3ft long connector and hose attachment will fit most standard 400w, 700w, and 1000w fog machines. (Fog machines and juice sold separately. Connector is not compatible with Low Lying Fog Machines). Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt with crumpled newspaper, hook up the hose to your fog machine, and let the creepiness begin!  (Fog machine not included)

Standing 2 feet tall, the Brimstone Demon looks to be rising from the pits of the netherworld – and then sprays the whole area with fog! Brimstone Demon has a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shirt & shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look. The 3ft long connector and hose attachment will fit onto most standard 400w, 700w and 1000w fog machines (Fog machines and juice sold separately. Connector hose is not compatible with Low Lying fog machines). Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt with crumpled newspaper, hook up the hose to your fog machine and let the creepiness begin!  (Fog machine not included)

This machine has been designed and created for use by professionals in stage, TV, and Screen productions where special effects are required.  We are not responsible for misuse of this product.  This product needs a drill to apply the cobwebs.  (drill not included)

Includes the following:
Fan Unit
Cobweb Fluid
Cobweb Solvent

Directions on Use:  Secure fan unit in drill chuck. (Tighten securely)  Leave drill unplugged until cobwebber is ready to use.  Place fan unit in upright position, unscrew wing nut and remove cover.  Fill can one half full with fluid.  Replace cover, then the wing nut.  Plug in the drill and use with a sweeping motion to make webs.  With a little practice you will be able to control the direction and volume of webs and create effects just as you have seen in many major Hollywood Motion Pictures.  Drill must be set in reverse to send webs out from the fan blade!

Notice:  The webs may be difficult to remove from painted surfaces and synthetic materials.  You may experiment with various surfaces for removal of dried webs.  Also the liquid will mar aluminum, causing it to dull.  This is the reason to avoid contact with aluminum.

Caution:  Keep away from fan blade when in use.  Do not aim in the direction of people or animals!

Photo shows fluids in tin cans – product will arrive in plastic bottles.  The photo used is a manufacturers stock photo.

All of these items will be available next week, along with many more Halloween props & accessories!  You can find them at – We’re Your One-Stop Shop for all Your Seasonal Needs!


Are you looking for something different to add pizzazz to your Halloween?  Then, take your scare factor to the next level with this Gemmy Specter Projector!  The Specter Projector comes with sound & six different slides!  (all six slides are shown)  Just plug it in, add your selected slide (insert it upside down into the projector) and turn up the volume on the back of the projector – now watch your image ripple on your wall or ceiling.  The sound is built in to the projector. 

Inside the Box:
Projector & six different slides

Technical Specifications:
Input power 120V, 60HZ, 400W
Fuse 125V/3A
Length of AC Cord 5′

You can pick up your projector at Themes N Things!

Halloween is definitely on the minds of all Halloween enthusiasts.  With only 74 days left until Halloween, you all know that if you don’t get your props now, they will be gone!  Most vendors inventories are quickly depleting, and they will not be restocking, so that makes it harder to find that one of a kind prop to enhance your own home haunts. 

This is one of many of our items we have in stock.  It’s a 6′ Nightmare Screaming Latex Ghoul.  It is not a full-bodied prop, but it will do the trick when trying to scare the pants off someone!  This life sized Ghoul’s eyes light up red and is decorated in black tattered material with hood.

Prop does not move, but if you add a “Spinning Motor” (sold separately) you can make this prop spin!

Halloween is not all about the candy and it’s just not for kids anymore, as we know more adults now more than ever are getting into the Witching Hour and having a blast! 

Stop by our website at and see if we have something to enhance your scare factor! 

Happy Hauntings!


Mother Nature may not always be good to us around the Witching Hour, high winds usually creep up on us, rain falls, and ruins the hours of preparation to decorate your yard for Halloween.  You are not alone, as we have been dealing with these weather conditions for the past few years and finally have decided to do something about it. 

Yes, just like you, we have purchased numerous styrofoam tombstones over the years to decorate our yard for Halloween, only to notice that with each year and with each storm & high winds that come, our styrofoam tombstone have taken a beating.  The always too short stakes that usually come with these styrofoam tombstones are never long enough to hold the tombstones in the ground when a strong wind arises, so you find yourself chasing your tombs down the street.  And, because the winds rock your tombstones back & forth before it actually flies away, the winds are actually breaking the styrofoam away around the stakes.  Yes, you think you have found the solution to fix this by just removing the stake and pushing it into the bottom of the tombstone in another place, but that is just a temporary fix, as the wind will come again, rock your tombstone back & forth, and you’re back to broken styrofoam again.  Now you are left with awesome looking tombstones, with bottoms all broken & torn, and no good place to insert the stakes.  Now what?

We have thought long and hard on this problem and how to correct it, and finally have come up with a solution!  We want to help you!  We have designed three styles of wood tombstones that we are now selling on eBay.  We have spent numerous hours, days, and weeks cutting & sanding these tombstones, getting them ready for you – ready for you to paint the way you want, just in time for Halloween.  Not everyone has the tools, time, or patience to start a project like this, so that is why we are here to help – we love Halloween, and we want to make your Halloween decorating easy.  Each tombstone comes with a wood base, wood screws to attach the base to tombstone, and 7″ metal spikes to hold your tombstone in the ground.

Here is how you can order one or more for yourself:
Visit us on our eBay store and pick out a tombstone for yourself!
TOMBSTONE #1 – View Listing
TOMBSTONE #2 – View Listing
TOMBSTONE #3 – View Listing

Now, you will never have to wory about chasing your styrofoam tombstone down the street again!  Take a peek and see if you can find something to fit your needs for Halloween! 

Krylon has many spray paints that can assist you in making your tombstones go from unfinished wood to looking great, from “Make it Stone” spray paint to “Glowz” spray paint that actually glows in the dark!  Glowz actually charges with light!  You can, like we are going to do, also take one of these tombstones and put it in your yard by your mailbox and just simply add your “house numbers” to the tombstone with wood glue and then spray the numbers with Krylon Glowz so your street address will glow at night!  (Most craft stores carry wood letters & numbers)

Happy Haunting!

Creating a Halloween graveyard is easy & a lot of fun to do.  These are photographs of the props and lighting that we used in our own “Home Haunt”.  You obviously need some tombstones (or it could not be called a graveyard, right?), then you can add some “ground breakers”.  Ground breakers are usually spooky corpses with only half a body so they look like they are crawling out of the ground.  You can also add some “static props” which are, for example, skeletons or skeleton hands, legs and a head that you can stick into the ground, as these props don’t move.  Other good graveyard props are animated ones, which sometimes need batteries to make an arm move.  Even some tombstones have animated reapers that rise from behind the tombstone and those type of props also operate with batteries. 

Proper lighting is important in a graveyard as it can illuminate your props and make them come alive!  By using different colored flood lights, you can create some eerie effects.  Try using colors like red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and of course, black lights are also good to use as they make anything in your graveyard that is white, glow very nicely. 

When you attempt to setup your graveyard with lights, be prepared to use many many extension cords, preferably the darker colored cords so they blend with your lawn.  And, since you are going to have lots of cords running across your lawn, make sure you use some power strips by your house to plug in all those cords.   

After you setup all of your tombstones, ground breakers, and some static props, there is still another great effect that you can add – – – FOG!  By using a fog machine in your home haunt, it will immediately add spookieness to the witching hour.  If you already use a fog machine and wonder why your fog floats away so quickly into the night, you aren’t using the secret ingredient, which is ice or dry ice.  By running your fog hose through a simple styrofoam cooler filled with either ice or dry ice, it will keep your fog low to the ground. 

Creating a graveyard that is spectacular does take some time to setup, but the results are incredible.  Lighting sets the mood, but when you tie everything together, you can achieve an awesome home haunt that will amaze your trick-or-treaters & neighbors too! 

Check out what we did last year for our home haunt and all of the items we used to create something spectacular.  Click here to view our 2010 Halloween blog post to see for yourself – What it takes to haunt your home

Good luck & have fun! 

With Halloween only 110 days away, we are gearing up to help you with your home haunt!  If you are getting tired of having your current styrofoam tombstones fall down due to the strong winds around the witching hour, or how the styrofoam rips and tears apart from the stake in the bottom, we have decided to assist with our own creations of wood tombstones. 

Most people don’t have the tools needed to cut out their own wood tombstones, nor do they have the time or patience to do so, and we would like to help you out.  We  will be creating some new designs that we’ll share with you when they are done, but for now, we have two different styles for you to choose from.  Don’t worry, we do all the work!  Click here for this tombstone style to purchase.

What you will receive are tombstones cut from pressed wood and sanded when you receive them.  They are approximately 33″ in height and 1/2″ thick, and we will try to adhere to these dimensions, but with every tombstone we cut, there might be a slight difference, but only a slight difference!  You’ll get the tombstone and a base with stakes for the ground – no more will your tombstones fall down when the wind kicks up! 

Our second style of tombstone is a great skinny tomb just perfect for any location.  Click here for this tombstone style to purchase.  

Krylon offers some great spray paint that you can use to paint your own tombstone when it arrives.  “Make it Stone” and “Glowz” are two perfect choices for your tombstones!  The Glowz spray paint actually creates a finish that glows in the dark and recharges when exposed to light – just perfect for any wood letters you may add onto your tombstone, and the Make it Stone spray paint finishes your tombstone with a unique stone like finish. 

Our last tombstone is the same as the first one shown, but you will receive 6″ RIP wood letters that we’ll attach to the tombstone when you order.  Just a little embellishment makes this tombstone stand out!   Click here for this tombstone style to purchase. 

If you have any questions, let us know – we’re here to help you enhance your scare factor this Halloween! 

Have some fun this Halloween! 
The Team @ Themes N Things

Today only at we are offering a Lunchtime Special of 5% off your minimum order of $50.  Take advantage of this special lunchtime special and pick up your Halloween Prop today and save! 

Themes N Things have been supplying you with  unique seasonal items for over 11 years and we will continue to find you the best of the best decorations for all your holidays.  Take a look today to see if you can find something to fit your own decorating needs. 

Roy – Founder & President
Themes N Things

If you love Halloween as much as we do, you will be thrilled with our new product arrivals!  (You should see our warehouse, as it is busting at the seams with props)  We love bringing you some of the most unique items because we want YOUR home haunt to be the best ever! 

Some of our latest additions include the following, but we will be adding new items on a weekly basis, so check back often to see if we have something to fit your needs. 

At Themes N Things, we’re serious about Halloween!  We’re starting to stock up on some great items, and over the next few months, we are planning on bringing you some unique props and accessories to make your Halloween displays even better!  Make sure you stop by our website at and check out our new items, but make sure you check back often between now & Halloween to pick up that one of a kind item you have been looking for to enhance your own home haunt!  Listed below is just a sampling of some of our new items:

6′ Life Size Nightmare Screaming Ghoul Latex Prop

Screaming Latex Ghoul

This life sized Ghoul’s eyes light up red and is decorated in black tattered material with hood. Prop does not move, but if you add a “Spinning Motor” (sold separately) you can make this prop spin.

Use a spinning motor to hang and spin your own Halloween decorations! Comes with AC Adaptor and motor with hooks to hang your props.  Set your props into motion!

Add Motion to Props

Approximate Label Dimension: 5″ x 4″ (Comes in a pack of 8 different labels)  Transform any ordinary bottles into scary Halloween bottles! Just apply the scary bottle label directly over label already on your bottle.  Here is just a sample of the bottle sayings: Cauldron Brew, Blood Thinner, Moon Shine, Snake Venum and many more!

Dimensions:  16.75″ h x 11.75″ w (including pendulum) Decorate your halls and walls with this cool pendulum clock! Comes complete with swinging skull and spider web to catch your eye and cast an eerie shadow! AA Battery Operated (Batteries not included)

Enhance your scare factor this year!  Happy Haunting!