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Take your Halloween decorating to the next scare factor level with an Animatronic Prop! 

5′ Animatronic Crawling Girl Prop
Is she crawling to get you or get away from something even worse? This lifesize animated Crawling Girl is most likely out to get you, as she twitches, moans and groans through a mouth stitched shut for all time, crawling ever closer and ever more creepily, dragging her lifeless body along the ground.

Crawling Girl is a full five feet in height, dressed in tattered black and gray garb that suggest an escape from prison, the grave or worse.

Her pale complexion is accented with red blood; she crawls, mutters and moans in a futile effort to escape or capture – you decide!  Motion sensor, sound sensor and pushbutton on/off.  AC Adaptor included.



This hockey-masked, knife-wielding impaler of teenagers, has become as much a part of Halloween as pumpkins and ghosts. Invest in a classic – a Halloween decoration that will really scare the neighbors, a giant (over six feet tall) animatronic Jason! He moves his machete menacingly and looks great on a porch, outside or as a haunted house decoration. Really spook folks when you put him just inside the front door.  Motion activated!  This is a life-size Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th prop!  (NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL Jason Voorhees Animatronic Prop.  Most of the props for Jason that are in stores now are not the original prop, they are a re-make of him)
Detailed accessories & hockey mask comes off to reveal his face 
Includes instruction sheet
Plays sounds – “Kill, Kill, Kill”
Collapses for easy storage
AC adapter included

Dimensions:  70.86″ x 35″ x 21″
AC Adapter Included

This life sized animated witch will add some mystery to your Halloween decor!  With detailed clothes and accessories, she springs to life, speaking and swaying back and forth while stirring her witch’s brew.  Her cauldron acts as mister to add just the right touch of Halloween magic around her!

Eyes light up and move, Hips sway from side to side, The cauldron actually mists!  Great for parties or trick-or-treaters.  Collapses down for easy storage
Sound and motion activated.
Speaks spooky Halloween phrases:
“Eye of newt, toe of bat, nose of frog, tail of cat. Boil, boil, boil, boil!”
“Double double, cauldron bubble. Come in here and you’re in trouble!”
“Ah, just in time…for dinner”
“Hm, what a delicious looking person”
“Yes, that’s right.  Closer, closer”

You can find these animatronic props & more at!  Shop now before the prop you have been watching is gone!


Thank God it’s Friday, eh?  We wanted to share with you something to inspire your mind with some great seasonal decorating tips from Themes N Things.  We all need a little inpiration sometimes, so we put together this 4-Page PDF of some of our favorite & simple decorating tips for the holidays from Halloween to Christmas.  Enjoy! 

Click TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ALL SEASONS 2 for PDF.  We love bringing you new products and creative ideas for all your Seasons!  We hope that you will think of us when it comes time to haunt your home or deck the halls, we’ve got you covered! 

Thank You!
Themes N Things

So you are working on setting up your graveyard, you’ve got tombstones, you picked out your flood lights, some props, now it’s time to add some ghosts to your graveyard! 

We wanted to show you our 6′ LED Slender Ghost that we ran across last year and snagged this guy really quick, because the vendor only had a few on hand.  This slender ghost goes together quite easily even though it is in a few pieces and it stakes into the ground well too.  We were worried that he would sway back and forth from the strong winds we had last Halloween, but the stakes held him in the ground securely.  The ghost plugs into a standard AC outlet too.  But the best feature of the ghost is how “bright” the LED lights glow.  Your trick-or-treaters will be able to see him glowing from the sidewalk for sure!  

Don’t want to use the ghost outside, you don’t have to!  Since the bottom diameter of the ghost is quite wide, you can just put him together and stand him up in your house for an awesome Halloween decoration! 

We have a few extra of these ghosts in stock just in case you want one for yourself, but we’re not giving up our ghosts!  Check out this awesome Halloween prop at and pick one up for yourself! 


Mother Nature may not always be good to us around the Witching Hour, high winds usually creep up on us, rain falls, and ruins the hours of preparation to decorate your yard for Halloween.  You are not alone, as we have been dealing with these weather conditions for the past few years and finally have decided to do something about it. 

Yes, just like you, we have purchased numerous styrofoam tombstones over the years to decorate our yard for Halloween, only to notice that with each year and with each storm & high winds that come, our styrofoam tombstone have taken a beating.  The always too short stakes that usually come with these styrofoam tombstones are never long enough to hold the tombstones in the ground when a strong wind arises, so you find yourself chasing your tombs down the street.  And, because the winds rock your tombstones back & forth before it actually flies away, the winds are actually breaking the styrofoam away around the stakes.  Yes, you think you have found the solution to fix this by just removing the stake and pushing it into the bottom of the tombstone in another place, but that is just a temporary fix, as the wind will come again, rock your tombstone back & forth, and you’re back to broken styrofoam again.  Now you are left with awesome looking tombstones, with bottoms all broken & torn, and no good place to insert the stakes.  Now what?

We have thought long and hard on this problem and how to correct it, and finally have come up with a solution!  We want to help you!  We have designed three styles of wood tombstones that we are now selling on eBay.  We have spent numerous hours, days, and weeks cutting & sanding these tombstones, getting them ready for you – ready for you to paint the way you want, just in time for Halloween.  Not everyone has the tools, time, or patience to start a project like this, so that is why we are here to help – we love Halloween, and we want to make your Halloween decorating easy.  Each tombstone comes with a wood base, wood screws to attach the base to tombstone, and 7″ metal spikes to hold your tombstone in the ground.

Here is how you can order one or more for yourself:
Visit us on our eBay store and pick out a tombstone for yourself!
TOMBSTONE #1 – View Listing
TOMBSTONE #2 – View Listing
TOMBSTONE #3 – View Listing

Now, you will never have to wory about chasing your styrofoam tombstone down the street again!  Take a peek and see if you can find something to fit your needs for Halloween! 

Krylon has many spray paints that can assist you in making your tombstones go from unfinished wood to looking great, from “Make it Stone” spray paint to “Glowz” spray paint that actually glows in the dark!  Glowz actually charges with light!  You can, like we are going to do, also take one of these tombstones and put it in your yard by your mailbox and just simply add your “house numbers” to the tombstone with wood glue and then spray the numbers with Krylon Glowz so your street address will glow at night!  (Most craft stores carry wood letters & numbers)

Happy Haunting!

One thing for sure is, that holidays are always overwhelming.  The sprucing up of the house for holidays guests, family get togethers, and the decorating.  You always want your house to look its best, but sometimes you may think that you have to be extravagant in your decorations, and you don’t.  Adding something as simple as a porch light cover will welcome your guests and start your holiday cheer flowing. 

You don’t always have to think “big” to impress your guests, even the simpliest decoration will do.  Just by adding a few items to your table, mantel, or front door will do the trick.  Sometimes, less is more! 

Halloween is only 130 days away, and you might be thinking that is enough time to shop – not exactly!  The Witching Season is even bigger than Christmas and the Halloween items are flying off all websites as we speak, only for you to find that what you’re looking for is now “out of stock”.  Shop early, start now, to pick up your Halloween items before they are gone.  And, when the Halloween items start reaching the retail stores near you, just remember that what they put out on the shelves…. is ALL they have.  They do not restock as they only get a limited supply of each item.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so when you are out and about and find that one truly gruesome item that turns your head, purchase it immediately.  If you leave the store, go home and “think about it”, it will normally not be there when you go back.  Just some good advice from someone who has experienced it! 

As always, we are here to help and love bringing you some of the most creative seasonal items to enhance your holidays.  Stop by our website to see if you can find yourself something unique!