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So you are working on setting up your graveyard, you’ve got tombstones, you picked out your flood lights, some props, now it’s time to add some ghosts to your graveyard! 

We wanted to show you our 6′ LED Slender Ghost that we ran across last year and snagged this guy really quick, because the vendor only had a few on hand.  This slender ghost goes together quite easily even though it is in a few pieces and it stakes into the ground well too.  We were worried that he would sway back and forth from the strong winds we had last Halloween, but the stakes held him in the ground securely.  The ghost plugs into a standard AC outlet too.  But the best feature of the ghost is how “bright” the LED lights glow.  Your trick-or-treaters will be able to see him glowing from the sidewalk for sure!  

Don’t want to use the ghost outside, you don’t have to!  Since the bottom diameter of the ghost is quite wide, you can just put him together and stand him up in your house for an awesome Halloween decoration! 

We have a few extra of these ghosts in stock just in case you want one for yourself, but we’re not giving up our ghosts!  Check out this awesome Halloween prop at and pick one up for yourself!