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Thank God it’s Friday, eh?  We wanted to share with you something to inspire your mind with some great seasonal decorating tips from Themes N Things.  We all need a little inpiration sometimes, so we put together this 4-Page PDF of some of our favorite & simple decorating tips for the holidays from Halloween to Christmas.  Enjoy! 

Click TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ALL SEASONS 2 for PDF.  We love bringing you new products and creative ideas for all your Seasons!  We hope that you will think of us when it comes time to haunt your home or deck the halls, we’ve got you covered! 

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One thing for sure is, that holidays are always overwhelming.  The sprucing up of the house for holidays guests, family get togethers, and the decorating.  You always want your house to look its best, but sometimes you may think that you have to be extravagant in your decorations, and you don’t.  Adding something as simple as a porch light cover will welcome your guests and start your holiday cheer flowing. 

You don’t always have to think “big” to impress your guests, even the simpliest decoration will do.  Just by adding a few items to your table, mantel, or front door will do the trick.  Sometimes, less is more! 

Halloween is only 130 days away, and you might be thinking that is enough time to shop – not exactly!  The Witching Season is even bigger than Christmas and the Halloween items are flying off all websites as we speak, only for you to find that what you’re looking for is now “out of stock”.  Shop early, start now, to pick up your Halloween items before they are gone.  And, when the Halloween items start reaching the retail stores near you, just remember that what they put out on the shelves…. is ALL they have.  They do not restock as they only get a limited supply of each item.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so when you are out and about and find that one truly gruesome item that turns your head, purchase it immediately.  If you leave the store, go home and “think about it”, it will normally not be there when you go back.  Just some good advice from someone who has experienced it! 

As always, we are here to help and love bringing you some of the most creative seasonal items to enhance your holidays.  Stop by our website to see if you can find yourself something unique!

Christmas is the time when we all love to decorate!  Who would have ever thought that of all things … Cranberries would be on top of the list!  One great way to use cranberries to decorate for the holidays is get some tall glass cylinders (use different sizes and heights too) and fill the cylinders with them, now just insert a large pillar candle on top of the cranberries and light!  What a quick but beautiful way to decorate your mantel or table for the holidays by adding a seasonal touch of red to your decorating scheme! 

You can also get a little more personalized with your cranberries, by creating an “initial” of your family name.  You can purchase practically any size and shape of initials at any craft store these days, so why not pick up your initial today and get ready to start crafting.  Just use your store purchased initial and hot glue your cranberries onto it.  Make sure you keep your cranberries in a straight line on your initial, so start at the top and work your way down.  You can also add a ribbon to your initial, or sprinkle it with some fake snow for an added touch. 

If you don’t want to work with cranberries, you can use small bulbs in either the glass cylinders or on the initials for added flare. 

As always, Themes N Things is here to provide you with seasonal tips and tricks to enhance your holidays!  Your One-Stop Shop for all your seasonal needs