HOT New Products

This is the place where we will post our HOT New Products on our website, .   We just LOVE Halloween and we will bring you some of the most unique props to enhance your scare factor!  Check back often to see if something catches your eye!

Standing 2′ tall (24″), the Spewing Corpse looks like he is pulling himself out of the ground – and then sprays the whole area with fog!  Spewing Corpse has a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shroud with an attached 110 Volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look.  The 3′ long connector and hose attachment will fit onto standard fog machines.  Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt with crumpled newspaper, hook up the hose to your own fog machine and let the creepiness begin! 

WOW Window Posters – “Shady Spiders”

One of the neatest ways to enhance your scare factor this Halloween!  Add these Window Posters (this one is for a double window – 2 Window Posters included in package) to your windows with reusable adhesive stickers (included in package), then just turn on your lights in your home!  Now, go outside to see the spectacular effect these creepy spiders have just added to your own home haunt!  Window Posters can be reused over and over again, year after year!  You will definitely creep out your neighbors for sure!

Menacing Mummy” – Add this creepy guy to your Windows because it looks like he really really wants out!


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