Halloween is definitely on the minds of all Halloween enthusiasts.  With only 74 days left until Halloween, you all know that if you don’t get your props now, they will be gone!  Most vendors inventories are quickly depleting, and they will not be restocking, so that makes it harder to find that one of a kind prop to enhance your own home haunts. 

This is one of many of our items we have in stock.  It’s a 6′ Nightmare Screaming Latex Ghoul.  It is not a full-bodied prop, but it will do the trick when trying to scare the pants off someone!  This life sized Ghoul’s eyes light up red and is decorated in black tattered material with hood.

Prop does not move, but if you add a “Spinning Motor” (sold separately) you can make this prop spin!

Halloween is not all about the candy and it’s just not for kids anymore, as we know more adults now more than ever are getting into the Witching Hour and having a blast! 

Stop by our website at www.themesnthings.com and see if we have something to enhance your scare factor! 

Happy Hauntings!



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