Why is Lighting Important in a Graveyard?

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Halloween
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Creating a Halloween graveyard is easy & a lot of fun to do.  These are photographs of the props and lighting that we used in our own “Home Haunt”.  You obviously need some tombstones (or it could not be called a graveyard, right?), then you can add some “ground breakers”.  Ground breakers are usually spooky corpses with only half a body so they look like they are crawling out of the ground.  You can also add some “static props” which are, for example, skeletons or skeleton hands, legs and a head that you can stick into the ground, as these props don’t move.  Other good graveyard props are animated ones, which sometimes need batteries to make an arm move.  Even some tombstones have animated reapers that rise from behind the tombstone and those type of props also operate with batteries. 

Proper lighting is important in a graveyard as it can illuminate your props and make them come alive!  By using different colored flood lights, you can create some eerie effects.  Try using colors like red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and of course, black lights are also good to use as they make anything in your graveyard that is white, glow very nicely. 

When you attempt to setup your graveyard with lights, be prepared to use many many extension cords, preferably the darker colored cords so they blend with your lawn.  And, since you are going to have lots of cords running across your lawn, make sure you use some power strips by your house to plug in all those cords.   

After you setup all of your tombstones, ground breakers, and some static props, there is still another great effect that you can add – – – FOG!  By using a fog machine in your home haunt, it will immediately add spookieness to the witching hour.  If you already use a fog machine and wonder why your fog floats away so quickly into the night, you aren’t using the secret ingredient, which is ice or dry ice.  By running your fog hose through a simple styrofoam cooler filled with either ice or dry ice, it will keep your fog low to the ground. 

Creating a graveyard that is spectacular does take some time to setup, but the results are incredible.  Lighting sets the mood, but when you tie everything together, you can achieve an awesome home haunt that will amaze your trick-or-treaters & neighbors too! 

Check out what we did last year for our home haunt and all of the items we used to create something spectacular.  Click here to view our 2010 Halloween blog post to see for yourself – What it takes to haunt your home

Good luck & have fun! 

  1. I love it! Great stuff. Will be linking you up to my Halloween page.

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