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Basketball Memo Holder

What a great way to celebrate March Madness with these Basketball Memo Holders!  Just make sure that no one steals this basketball off your desk! 

Memo holder is made from soft squishy foam with a metal cable riser and an alligator clip to hold your memos!  This multi-purpose memo holder is an excellent eye catcher and a fun stress reliever too!  Overall height 5.25″

Celebrate the hoopla of March Madness with this Basketball Memo Holder!  These are going fast!


At Themes N Things, we’re serious about Halloween!  We’re starting to stock up on some great items, and over the next few months, we are planning on bringing you some unique props and accessories to make your Halloween displays even better!  Make sure you stop by our website at and check out our new items, but make sure you check back often between now & Halloween to pick up that one of a kind item you have been looking for to enhance your own home haunt!  Listed below is just a sampling of some of our new items:

6′ Life Size Nightmare Screaming Ghoul Latex Prop

Screaming Latex Ghoul

This life sized Ghoul’s eyes light up red and is decorated in black tattered material with hood. Prop does not move, but if you add a “Spinning Motor” (sold separately) you can make this prop spin.

Use a spinning motor to hang and spin your own Halloween decorations! Comes with AC Adaptor and motor with hooks to hang your props.  Set your props into motion!

Add Motion to Props

Approximate Label Dimension: 5″ x 4″ (Comes in a pack of 8 different labels)  Transform any ordinary bottles into scary Halloween bottles! Just apply the scary bottle label directly over label already on your bottle.  Here is just a sample of the bottle sayings: Cauldron Brew, Blood Thinner, Moon Shine, Snake Venum and many more!

Dimensions:  16.75″ h x 11.75″ w (including pendulum) Decorate your halls and walls with this cool pendulum clock! Comes complete with swinging skull and spider web to catch your eye and cast an eerie shadow! AA Battery Operated (Batteries not included)

Enhance your scare factor this year!  Happy Haunting!

October 31st comes around only once every year, and for many, wish it could be more than just one day.  With Christmas, we get to enjoy the holiday festivities a lot longer, but Halloween has more retail sales than good ole St. Nick!  Yes, that is a shocker to some, but for those who go all out for this batty holiday, they know it’s true! 

So, what do you think Halloween is all about? 

  1. Is it about how much candy your kids can con out of your neighbors down the road?
  2. Is it about how much you dread all of those trick-or-treaters coming to your house even though your front porch light is turned off?
  3. Is it about the numerous hours you spend dragging out of storage all of your Halloween decorations?
  4. Is it about trying to finally carve a pumpkin that looks like it was not hacked up by Jason Voorhees?
  5. Is it about working so long & hard to get that $1 bag of spider web out of the bag and onto your front bushes to only have a strong wind come by and ruin it?
  6. Is it about setting up your own home haunt & tombstones on your front yard with all kinds of colored flood lights to only blow a fuse?
  7. Is it about every year trying to figure out how to keep those styrofoam tombstones from falling down & blowing away with the high winds? 
  8. Is it about “always” finding out that you don’t have enough extension cords for the flood lights & have to run back to the store…again?
  9. Is it about finding out that your flood light sockets are not waterproof and they explode from the rain?
  10. Is it about dressing your pet up in yet another costume to make them look cute, yet all they do is fight to get it off?
  11. Is it about how embarrassed you are when you find out you did not buy enough candy & trick-or-treating has an hour left?
  12. Is it about how you work all day setting up your home haunt for the “witching hour” that lasts only two hours, then dreading how long it is going to take you to put everything away…in the dark?
  13. Is it about setting up your really awesome animatronic prop only to find out that you misplaced your AC Adapter?
  14. Is it about waking up on November 1st only to find that kids have smashed your pumpkins all over your yard?
  15. Is it about running out of fog juice for your fog machine? (now that sucks)
  16. Is it about finding out that your neighbor is delivering jello shots to all the parents on the street?
  17. Is it about finding out that your neighbors dog DOES NOT like you dressed up in a scary costume & wants to bite you?
  18. Is it about blowing a fuse on your Gemmy Light Show right in the middle of trick-or-treating and your whole yard goes dark? (how embarrassing
  19. Is it about finding out that the deer ate your bales of straw that you were going to use on Halloween?
  20. Is it about finding out that you did not shop early enough for your props and all the good stuff is gone?

No matter what you may think about Halloween, the time involved, the set backs, the lack of candy or burnt fuses, YOU still can make it all happen and turn out your own spectacular home haunt.  Happy Haunting & remember to shop early to get the best deals on your props before they are picked over.
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