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17" Double Lighted Heart

Find some great ways to light up your holidays with these items from THEMES N THINGS! 

Dimensions:  17″ x 14″

Doubling the Valentine’s Day fun, this double heart light sparkles with the magic of two dazzling hearts.  Lights up your home indoors or out, it shines with 43 miniature lights (outer heart has 27 red lights, inside heart has 16 pink lights). Includes 2 replacement bulbs (one red and one pink), one fuse and 2 suction cups for easy window hanging.

15-1/2" Lighted Shamrock

Dimensions:  15-1/2″  x 14″

Enhance your St. Patrick’s Day fun with this lighted Shamrock! Lights up your home indoors or out, it shines with 43 miniature lights. Includes 2 replacement bulbs, one fuse and 1 suction cup for easy window hanging.

Great for hanging in window, front door, or your office door!

You can find these items at under the “Other Holidays” tab.  We’re your one-stop shop for all your seasonal needs.


Organize your Cords!

Just when you’ve unplugged the wrong cord, time and time again, here is a simple way to know which cord to unplug!

When you are crawling under a desk, all the power cords look the same. To save yourself some trouble when searching for the one you want to unplug, make labels from leftover bread-bag clips. Just write the name of each device on the unprinted side of a clip with a permanent marker, and attach the clip to the proper cord.  You can also color-code the bread bag clips too!  Great way to reduce and reuse!
Your One-Stop Shop for all your Seasonal Needs
Pet Accessories too!

Dress your dog up in Cuddly Fleece for the holidays!

Cuddly Fleece Dog Sweatshirts – Now Available at THEMES N THINGS!  Any dog will look extra adorable indoors or outside in one of these cuddly fleece sweatshirts!  The Polyester fleece is extra soft too and has roomy neck and sleeves which makes it easy to put it on and take it off!  Fleece is machine washable too!  Available in Small, Medium, Large, & X-Large.

THEMES N THINGS is your one-stop shop for all your seasonal needs, now you can also pickup something great for your dog too!

Holiday Special Bachmann Big Hauelrs Train Set

It’s that magical time of the year and  THEMES N THINGS is filled with all the things you need to help make the holiday magic happen. The place to start is with your home. Set the stage for Santa with a beautiful Christmas tree with all the trimmings. Then add lights and colorful seasonal décor inside and out. Make this the holiday you’ve always dreamed of and add a train set under your tree today!   Find this train set at  (This is a Limited Edition Train Set & Bachmann does not sell them any longer)

Two complete and ready to run electric trains included!

* Christmas street car with directional headlight and Santa figure.
* 4-6-0 Steam locomotive and coal load tender with metal wheels, siderods, and detail parts
* Operating headlight
* Realistic smoke
* Speed-Synchronized steam sound
* Coach and observation cars
* 40 running feet of track can build TWO layouts from 4′ circle to giant 10′ X 6′ oval
* Two power pack and speed controller systems for independant operation of train and street car
* Illustrated instruction manual
* DVD format video instructions
* Authentic large scale
* Easy to set up


Animated Christmas Tale Teddy

What better way to ring in the Holidays by having this Christmas Tale Teddy sit under your Christmas tree, reciting The Night Before Christmas! 

Recites “The Night Before Christmas”
Dimensions:  12″ x 9″

Just push the button on this Teddy Bear’s foot and he recites “The Night Before Christmas” story.  When activated, the Teddy Bear’s head moves back and forth and his mouth opens and closes as he recites the story.

Teddy Bear holds an open book with the words to The Night Before Christmas printed on it. 

Great addition to your Seasonal display or as a gift! Requires 3 AA batteries.

Stop by our website to see if we have something to make your home merry this holiday!

The Gang’s All Here: Freddy, Jason, Val & Roy

Halloween 2010, the well awaited night of the year when things go bump in the night, or rather, things that you would rather not bump into in your kitchen at night before Halloween at our house.  We’ve been planning for this night all year, and after two hours of trick-or-treaters….it’s all over.  After the first 40 minutes, we started to panic because the candy bags were going down, and going down fast.  We made a total of 130+ candy bags for the trick-or-treaters, and they kept coming in large groups, after group, and we wondered if we could hold out for the two hours of treat time, but in the end, we had to pull out the “emergency” candy to handle the 175+ tricksters that stopped by. 

Jason Voorhees in the kitchen - not something you want to run into

In preparation for Halloween night we spent two days actually setting up the entire front yard, or “home haunt” as we like to call it in some quite nippy weather conditions & dealing with the strong winds that kept knocking down the tombstones.  Roy, the Founder & President of  Themes N Things, knows his stuff when it comes to Halloween props and decorating.  He is the guru of Halloween and definitely knows how to pull it all together to make a spectacular display of lights, animatronic props, fog machines and music that played on a Gemmy Light Show to amaze the trick-or-treaters and a lot of parents too.  (most of the parents asked “where do we store all of this?“)

Skeleton caught in spiders web

So how did we pull it all together?  Good question!  Here is a quick run down on what we placed in our home haunt this year: 

10+ Static Groundbreakers

3 Bags of Spider Webs

2   6′ Lighted Willow Trees

2   6′ Lighted LED Ghosts

20+ Tombstones

3 Fog Machines

10+ Flood Lights in different colors

Gemmy Halloween Light Show Unit

35+ Extension Cords

6′ Jason Voorhees Animatronic Prop

6′ Freddy Krueger Animatronic Prop

6′ Animatronic Ripping Reaper of Souls

5′ Count Dracula

WOW Window Poster – Green Demon

And I am sure that there are many other items that I did not mention, but when it was finally completed, the effects were outstanding, and the kids loved it.  There were even a lot of trick-or-treaters that would not even come up the driveway because of Freddy and Jason swinging their knives in the air, but that’s the fun of Halloween – Halloween is just not for kids anymore.  If you are interested in some great Halloween props for your own home haunt next year, check out our website at to see if you can find something unique to enhance your scare factor.  Or, leave a comment for Roy because he loves to talk shop with all of  those Halloween fanatics! 

Here are a few more photographs of the “home haunt”…

Solor Powered Groundbreaker

Freddy's coming for you...


The graveyard home haunt

6' Lighted LED Slender Ghost

Lighted Groundbreaker with Heart

The Home Haunt