Fall Outdoor Decor: Halloween to Thanksgiving

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Christmas, Halloween
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Potted Pumpkins

Add the natural autumn beauty of your yard with harvest inspired outdoor decorations.  Try these veratile ideas that will span the season from Halloween to Thanksgiving! 

Potted Pumpkin:  Turn an old planter into a pumpkin perch for fall.  Hot glue cornhusks to a straw wreath form, along the top, bottoms, and sides so that the ends of the husks all point outward.  Stick sprigs of ornamental grass into the wreath form to fill in any gaps.  Set the wreath on top of your planter and nestle a pumpkin in the wreath. 

Pumpkin Mums

Pumpkin Mums:  Display a hollowed out pumpkin filled with potted fall mums outside along your sidewalk, front steps, or fence for instant fall charm.

Pumpkin Stenciling








Pumpkin Stencils:
Fill an old wooden wheelbarrow with gourds, pumpkins, dried leaves, and berry sprigs.  Work with a variety of shapes and colors to achieve a vibrant look that captures the essence of fall.  Paint or stencil a “Welcome Friends” message on two large pumpkins and place on top of the wheelbarrow.  Weave artificial berry vines around the wheelbarrow for a splash of stunning red. 

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