Professional Cobweb Maker

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Halloween
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Professional Cobweb Maker

New Arrival at THEMES N THINGS!  Use this professional cobweb maker to create Hollywood special effects in your home or your own home haunt this year! 

This machine has been designed and created for use by professionals in stage, TV, and Screen productions where special effects are required.  We are not responsible for misuse of this product.  This product needs a drill to apply the cobwebs.  (drill not included)

Includes the following:
Fan Unit, Cobweb Fluid, Cobweb Solvent

Directions on Use:  Secure fan unit in drill chuck. (Tighten securely)  Leave drill unplugged until cobwebber is ready to use.  Place fan unit in upright position, unscrew wing nut and remove cover.  Fill can one half full with fluid.  Replace cover, then the wing nut.  Plug in the drill and use with a sweeping motion to make webs.  With a little practice you will be able to control the direction and volume of webs and create effects just as you have seen in many major Hollywood Motion Pictures.  Drill must be set in reverse to send webs out from the fan blade!

Notice:  The webs may be difficult to remove from painted surfaces and synthetic materials.  You may experiment with various surfaces for removal of dried webs.  Also the liquid will mar aluminum, causing it to dull.  This is the reason to avoid contact with aluminum. 

Caution:  Keep away from fan blade when in use.  Do not aim in the direction of people or animals! 

Photo shows fluids in tin cans – product will arrive in plastic bottles.

Create your own special effects this Halloween with this cobweb maker!  Visit our website to find other great products & props available today!


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