Animated Ripping Reaper of Souls

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Halloween
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Animated Ripping Reaper of Souls

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Stands over 6 feet tall! 

He’s tall, he’s dark and he’s evil. The Animated Ripping Reaper of souls harvests horror and lives on to tell tales from the dark side. Looming over six feet tall, he rips open his tattered robe to reveal the faces and illuminated red eyes of lost souls whilst he chants scary sayings. His mouth actually moves when he utters his incantations and his red eyes light up to haunt those who do not listen. Sooner or later the Reaper will come for you – why wait? Get him now before he gets you first!  Sound activated!  Once activated, the reaper rips open his robe to reveal the faces of the  lost souls! 

The Animated Ripping Reapers of Souls stands over six feet tall to terrorize even the bravest of souls. The Reaper wears a tattered long gray hooded robe that his bony hands rip open to reveal the faces of lost souls; each soul has light-up red eyes. The sound activated Reaper has light-up red eyes and his mouth moves as he incants three scary sayings.

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