Got Halloween Props? Now what?

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Halloween
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Halloween is just around the corner and you have probably started thinking about what you are going to do.  Every year you tell yourself that you are going to start planning earlier “next year”, but then next year comes around and you find yourself in the same situation.  Strategic planning for decorating for Halloween takes time when you want your own home haunt to turn into something spectacular. 

If you have a huge supply of Halloween Props and Accessories stored away, now what?  What are you going to do with them, where are you going to place them?  What kind of dramatic special effects do you want to use?  How many props are too many?  Are you going to incorporate any music in your home haunt?  All of these are good questions, but it all depends on you and what you want accomplished. 

The first thing to do is take inventory of all your Halloween Props.  Figure out what you want to use and start carrying all of these props out to your yard.  Don’t worry on where everything goes right now, because you will probably move your props around quite a bit before finally finding a good place to put them in your yard. 

The next thing to consider is lighting.  If you don’t already have colored flood lights, you will need to purchase some.  You can find these at most any hardward or DIY store.  The best flood light colors to use are blue, red, and perhaps orange as these will make great lighting effects on your props.  If you have any prop that is mostly white, perhaps a ghost or two or a few skeletons (not the ones in your closet), using a black light on them will make them glow.  Don’t forget that you will need a lot of extension cords to hook up your lights to, but try to use the darker colored extension cords instead of the orange extension cords, as using a darker colored cord will help hide it in your lawn. 

Now that you have your props and lighting taken care of, you can now add a few fog machines to your home haunt.  Fog machines come in a variety of sizes and wattages, and the higher the wattage of the machine will produce a much heavier fog.  (don’t forget to stock up on fog juice too)  If you are going to  purchase a fog machine, try to find one that has a wireless remote control so you can turn on your fog when you want it, perhaps when those unsuspecting trick-or-treaters are coming up your drive!   With all the lights that you have added, including the fog that is now hovering over your tombstones and around your props, you have successfully taken your scare factor to the next level. 

One of the last things that you can add to your home haunt is sound.  A Gemmy Halloween Light Show with Timer is a great way to add music to your scene.  Just plug in a few of your lighted props or fog lights to the light show, upload your own music to your MP3 Player or iPod or use the included songs on the unit, then step back and watch the show begin!  Your lights will now dance to the beat of the music with the two included speakers and you will definitely impress your neighbors and anyone driving by. 

Halloween is just not for kids any longer, as more and more adults crave this once a year witching time! 

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