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Halloween is just around the corner and you have probably started thinking about what you are going to do.  Every year you tell yourself that you are going to start planning earlier “next year”, but then next year comes around and you find yourself in the same situation.  Strategic planning for decorating for Halloween takes time when you want your own home haunt to turn into something spectacular. 

If you have a huge supply of Halloween Props and Accessories stored away, now what?  What are you going to do with them, where are you going to place them?  What kind of dramatic special effects do you want to use?  How many props are too many?  Are you going to incorporate any music in your home haunt?  All of these are good questions, but it all depends on you and what you want accomplished. 

The first thing to do is take inventory of all your Halloween Props.  Figure out what you want to use and start carrying all of these props out to your yard.  Don’t worry on where everything goes right now, because you will probably move your props around quite a bit before finally finding a good place to put them in your yard. 

The next thing to consider is lighting.  If you don’t already have colored flood lights, you will need to purchase some.  You can find these at most any hardward or DIY store.  The best flood light colors to use are blue, red, and perhaps orange as these will make great lighting effects on your props.  If you have any prop that is mostly white, perhaps a ghost or two or a few skeletons (not the ones in your closet), using a black light on them will make them glow.  Don’t forget that you will need a lot of extension cords to hook up your lights to, but try to use the darker colored extension cords instead of the orange extension cords, as using a darker colored cord will help hide it in your lawn. 

Now that you have your props and lighting taken care of, you can now add a few fog machines to your home haunt.  Fog machines come in a variety of sizes and wattages, and the higher the wattage of the machine will produce a much heavier fog.  (don’t forget to stock up on fog juice too)  If you are going to  purchase a fog machine, try to find one that has a wireless remote control so you can turn on your fog when you want it, perhaps when those unsuspecting trick-or-treaters are coming up your drive!   With all the lights that you have added, including the fog that is now hovering over your tombstones and around your props, you have successfully taken your scare factor to the next level. 

One of the last things that you can add to your home haunt is sound.  A Gemmy Halloween Light Show with Timer is a great way to add music to your scene.  Just plug in a few of your lighted props or fog lights to the light show, upload your own music to your MP3 Player or iPod or use the included songs on the unit, then step back and watch the show begin!  Your lights will now dance to the beat of the music with the two included speakers and you will definitely impress your neighbors and anyone driving by. 

Halloween is just not for kids any longer, as more and more adults crave this once a year witching time! 

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2010 Quilt Fundraiser – Airedales A to Z

to benefit National Airedale Rescue

Click here for more information about this year’s quilt.

Fundraising Art Quilt
to benefit National Airedale Rescue

While children learn their alphabet in school with the usual help of “A” is for Apple – anyone with an Airedale in their home knows that Airedales have their own version of the “Alphabet”. 

Alphabet quilts have been created throughout history with many themes – birds, flowers, animals, babies, school blocks and scores of others.  But the ladies in the Bee felt that an Airedale’s take on an alphabet quilt would surely be very different with that great sense of humor, fun and devil-may-care attitude… so we proudly offer you a truly beautiful art quilt, made with love, pride and incredible talent!

Click on the link in the photo to learn more about how you can donate to Airedale Rescue and enter for a chance to win the quilt.

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HOT New Halloween Prop!

Scare your trick-or-treaters with this Grave Bustin Pumpkin!  The Grave Bustin Pumpkin features spooky LED eyes, spooky sounds and shoulders that shake.  2′ Tall.  Hands & face glow! Turn the switch on to operate in Timer/Sound mode. Prop will now function with 2 minute breaks between cycles.  You can also clap or make a loud sound to activate the prop during breaks between cycles.  Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

•Menacing side to side swaying movements
•Spooky sounds
•Flashing eyes
•Haunting movements

A great addition to your home haunt this year! 

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THEMES N THINGS is busting at the seams with NEW Halloween Props!  Here are just a few of our new arrivals on our website:

Dimensions:  14 x 18 x 9

You don’t want to meet this zombie in the dark! His head turns and eyes light up with bright LED lights as he moans & groans! (Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included)


Watch this hideous corpse as he tries to claw his way out of the ground!  Frightening sounds, with light up eyes! (Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included)

He’s trying to head into the night for some Halloween fright!

Place this zombie in your graveyard for a creepy effect!

Measures 30″ long x 25.75″ wide x 13″ high. Made of plastic and fabric. Arm’s move as he claws at the ground. Makes scary sounds. His head is covered in fake blood and he is wearing a black fabric shirt with white tattered and torn gauze fabric.


None will pass the Guardian of the Grave Grim Reaper unscathed. The Guardian of the Grave animated prop is a professional quality decor piece that elevates your haunted house to a haunted castle. The cloak garbed skeleton Grim Reaper rises from behind his skull encrusted tombstone and spits fog (fog machine not included) to welcome evil and ward off goodwill. Spooky!  Guardian of the Grave Grim Reaper is over eight feet tall and consists of a Grim Reaper lurking behind a skull decorated tombstone. He rises from behind the tombstone to strike terror into the hearts of all who attempt to pass by. Requires 4 AA batteries; (not included) or a 6V DC plug adaptor (not included) Measures 17.7″ deep x 17.3″ wide This prop also makes scary moaning & chiming bell sounds with glowing eyes.

Hook up your own fog machine to this prop for added fright!

Dimensions:  60″ x 24 1/2″ x 8″

What Halloween would be complete without this deluxe wooden coffin that would make a great addition to your own home haunt or use indoors at your next Halloween Party!  Assembly required.  Coffin is adorned with a freaky skull and has black roses etched on the top. 

Dimensions:  48″ x 30″ x 7″

Light up your Halloween with this color changing slender ghost to your own yard home haunt or keep him indoors for a great decoration!  Ghost comes in pieces for easy storage, and goes together quite easily.  Bottom piece of ghost has spikes that stick in the ground, or you can also use this ghost indoors (without the spikes, of cource) to add to your Halloween party theme!  AC Plug included.

At Themes N Things, we LOVE Halloween – hope you love it as much as we do!  Stop by our website today to see if we have a prop just right for you!  Just remember…HALLOWEEN IS ONLY 77 DAYS AWAY!

Here’s something to make your English teacher cry…

A school crossing zone in NC. (at least I can spell it correctly) Thought this was too funny – needed to pass it along!  A road contractors worst nightmare – chalk it up to a really bad day!
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