Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees Animatronic Props are here!

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Halloween
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Just in time for Halloween….
Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees Animatronic Props are now available on our website:  www.themesnthings.com 


Greet your guests with the face of true evil. Evil has a destiny and it is in your home with this Rob Zombie Halloween life-size Animated Michael Myers figure. Hear the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing as his head turns and his eyes move from side to side in search of his next victim – could it be you? You’ll be breathless with fear when you see his knife-wielding arm move in your direction! This motion activated prop will astound and terrify even the bravest guests and fascinate horror film fans and Halloween buffs.

The officially licensed life-size Animated Michael Myers from the Rob Zombie Halloween film is an authentically attired jumpsuit-clad figure with an incredibly detailed likeness. His face was sculpted by the famous FX make-up artist Wayne Toth and it captures every tortured detail. The motion-activated figure stands an imposing and full six feet tall and his eyes move while his head turns from side to side; he plays the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing while performing menacing and spooky arm movements with his knife. For indoor use only. Uses standard household electric and includes a six ft. cord.

Get ready for Halloween with the silent terror of this classic horror movie icon!

This hockey-masked, knife wielding impaler of teenagers, has become as much a part of Halloween as pumpkins and ghosts.  Invest in a classic – a Halloween prop that will really scare the neighbors, a giant (six feet tall) animatronic Jason!  He moves his machete menacingly and looks great on a porch, outside or as a haunted house decoration.  Perfect for scaring trick-or-treaters and traumatizing sensitive adults!  Really spook everyone when you put him just inside the front door!  This life-size prop will turn any room or porch into Camp Blood!  Jason is motion activated.

* Life size prop stands approximately 6.5′ high and collapses for easy storage
* Set to motion activated or manual control (push button on front of stand)
* Prop has tattered clothes, a hockey mask and Jason’s signature machete
* UL Listed AC Adapter included with Black Power Cord that measures approximately 6′ long
* Made of plastic, fabric, metal and electronics.

Prop moves and has sound!  Once activated: Prop plays the signature Jason sound effect, “Kill, Kill, Kill – Ma, Ma, Ma”
The eyes move, the head turns, the right arm with machete rises up and prop turns to the left
Also includes a 24″ long plastic machete that fits into the right hand
Headpiece is detachable and has Jason’s real face underneath a removable hockey mask
For indoor or covered porch use only


Let the Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler add some flair to your party. This spooky servant’s eyes light up and his mouth moves as he speaks spooky phrases. His detailed dress and accessories make the Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler a great addition to your Halloween decor. The Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler is activated by sound and motion. 

Eyes light up
Mouth moves as he speaks spooky phrases
Detailed dress and accessories
Collapses down for easy storage
Sound and motion activated

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