Halloween can be F-U-N

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Halloween
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Everyone LOVES Halloween!  Making props at home can also be fun. We started our Halloween prop with brown shipping paper and masking tape.  We named him “Bones“.  You can also use newspaper or anything else you have just lying around at home to start the body, just use your imagination!  Bones is in the first stage of production right now, but will end up looking quite scary.    The next step for Bones is to paper mache him with small strips of newspaper and an Elmer’s glue & water mix.  We will need to decide if we want him to be in a sitting position or standing, since the paper mache when dry will make his now lifeless body quite stiff.  We might go with the sitting position, as we will probably prop him up next to one of our tombstones in our front yard home haunt this year.  We made his fingers quite long so we can cut them to the length we want and will attach fake finger nails to him as well.  The finger nails will be cut to make a ragged look, like he was trying to scratch his way out of the grave and of course, we will add quite a bit of dirt under his nails to achieve that look.  His feet will also be tattered with long claws.  String can be attached up his legs, arms and neck to create the look of veins, all of which can be painted when he is complete.  Now for the fun part, creating Bones’ face!  Eye sockets need to be made, but we will cut those out after we paper mache him, so his face has a good stiff form to work from.  To make his nose and jaw, we will cut up cereal boxes (lighter cardboard works best) and attach small pieces to his face with masking tape or a glue gun.  We purchased a set of blue eyeballs that we will adhere in his eye sockets with velcro, in case we ever want to change his eye color down the road. 

Making Halloween props at home is fun, inexpensive, and the more creative you are, the better your homemade prop will turn out!  We will keep you updated on our progress with Bones and he turns from a mild mannered shipping paper dummy to a prop that you don’t want to turn your back on! 

What have you created at home to torment your neighbors and trick-or-treaters? 

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