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Just in time for Halloween….
Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees Animatronic Props are now available on our website: 


Greet your guests with the face of true evil. Evil has a destiny and it is in your home with this Rob Zombie Halloween life-size Animated Michael Myers figure. Hear the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing as his head turns and his eyes move from side to side in search of his next victim – could it be you? You’ll be breathless with fear when you see his knife-wielding arm move in your direction! This motion activated prop will astound and terrify even the bravest guests and fascinate horror film fans and Halloween buffs.

The officially licensed life-size Animated Michael Myers from the Rob Zombie Halloween film is an authentically attired jumpsuit-clad figure with an incredibly detailed likeness. His face was sculpted by the famous FX make-up artist Wayne Toth and it captures every tortured detail. The motion-activated figure stands an imposing and full six feet tall and his eyes move while his head turns from side to side; he plays the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing while performing menacing and spooky arm movements with his knife. For indoor use only. Uses standard household electric and includes a six ft. cord.

Get ready for Halloween with the silent terror of this classic horror movie icon!

This hockey-masked, knife wielding impaler of teenagers, has become as much a part of Halloween as pumpkins and ghosts.  Invest in a classic – a Halloween prop that will really scare the neighbors, a giant (six feet tall) animatronic Jason!  He moves his machete menacingly and looks great on a porch, outside or as a haunted house decoration.  Perfect for scaring trick-or-treaters and traumatizing sensitive adults!  Really spook everyone when you put him just inside the front door!  This life-size prop will turn any room or porch into Camp Blood!  Jason is motion activated.

* Life size prop stands approximately 6.5′ high and collapses for easy storage
* Set to motion activated or manual control (push button on front of stand)
* Prop has tattered clothes, a hockey mask and Jason’s signature machete
* UL Listed AC Adapter included with Black Power Cord that measures approximately 6′ long
* Made of plastic, fabric, metal and electronics.

Prop moves and has sound!  Once activated: Prop plays the signature Jason sound effect, “Kill, Kill, Kill – Ma, Ma, Ma”
The eyes move, the head turns, the right arm with machete rises up and prop turns to the left
Also includes a 24″ long plastic machete that fits into the right hand
Headpiece is detachable and has Jason’s real face underneath a removable hockey mask
For indoor or covered porch use only


Let the Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler add some flair to your party. This spooky servant’s eyes light up and his mouth moves as he speaks spooky phrases. His detailed dress and accessories make the Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler a great addition to your Halloween decor. The Life Size Animated Party Hardy Skeleton Butler is activated by sound and motion. 

Eyes light up
Mouth moves as he speaks spooky phrases
Detailed dress and accessories
Collapses down for easy storage
Sound and motion activated

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Everyone loves crafts, and making homemade crafts can be fun!  Just in time before the holidays, whether it be Halloween or Christmas, making crafts at home with this easy Salt Dough Recipe can be a lot of fun! 

Here’s what you will need to get started:
1 Cup of Salt
1 Cup of Flour
1/2 Cup of Water (you can add more if needed)

In a large bowl, combine the salt and flour, make a hole in the center and pour in the water.  Knead until smooth and shape into a ball.  For any unused dough, wrap in plastic or store in an airtight container.  Hint: To get a softer dough you can add more flour, adding more salt will give your dough a more granulous effect.  You can also add food coloring to your dough, or leave the dough uncolored so you can paint your project after it has dried.  To dry your project, you can just let it air dry or bake it at 200 degrees.  Once dry, you can paint your project, and then finish it with clear varnish. 

Also, you can roll out your dough and use your cookie cutters to make ornaments!  Now get creative!  Make some Christmas ornaments that you can attach to your Christmas presents that are personally made by “You”.  (Remember to make a small hole in your ornament so you can attach it to your package and the recipient can hang your ornament on their tree)  You can also roll out your dough and make “initials” and paint them for a more creative craft idea!  Whatever you wish to make, just be creative and have fun!
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It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about preparing for the Halloween Season.  Every year, you drive around town to look at your neighbors Halloween displays and wonder how they get their lights to dance across their yard to music.  Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer, as you can create your own spectacular Halloween display with a Gemmy Light Show, made specifically for Halloween.  These light shows come pre-programmed with only a few Halloween songs, but don’t fret, as you can hook up your own iPod or MP3 player to the unit and use your own Halloween music.  Now the fun begins!  Just start filling up your front yard, or “home haunt” as we like to call it, with your tombstones, props, ghouls, ghosts, animatronics, scary cemetery gateways and fences, now add some black light in front of your ghosts and such and then hook up your props to the Gemmy Light Show and watch what happens.  Your yard comes alive with light and sound as the Gemmy Light Show works its magic.  

NOTE:  This item is one of the most popular items for Halloween and will not be around long!  Snag a light show for yourself today before
they are gone!

Sync your lawn decorations together into a coordinated display of light and sound!  Plays several built-in songs or plug in your MP3 player for a customized show of your own!

Here’s how it works: This Gemmy Light Show & Timer is the greatest prop accessory around.  If you have never owned one before, you will be very pleased with the results of this product as it turns your ordinary yard into a spectacular show!  If you own home haunt just has a few tombstones, a couple of lights, perhaps a scary prop or two, you can now enhance it with this Gemmy product.  By plugging in your lights that light up your tombstones, or your black light that shines on your ghost, your yard will now be transformed into a spectacular show for all the
trick-or-treaters when they see the lights flash to the music that plays on the Light Show or use your own Halloween music from your iPod or MP3 player.

Synchronize your lighted decor into one fantastic display
Timer function turns your decor on and off with ease
MP3-enabled for a customized show
Includes outdoor speaker


Songs Included are:  The Addams Family Theme, sounds from an Alfred Hitchcock theme, Organ Music & screams, and the last built in song is the Theme from Halloween



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even though this product has built in music for Halloween…you can also use this same product for your Christmas display in your front yard.  Just upload your favorite Christmas music to your iPod or MP3 player and watch your lighted Christmas display come alive and dance with flare! 

If you should have any questions on this product, please contact us!  We are here to assist you in creating your own home haunt spectacular display this year!  Your One-Stop Shop for all your Seasonal Needs

Christmas is the time when we all love to decorate!  Who would have ever thought that of all things … Cranberries would be on top of the list!  One great way to use cranberries to decorate for the holidays is get some tall glass cylinders (use different sizes and heights too) and fill the cylinders with them, now just insert a large pillar candle on top of the cranberries and light!  What a quick but beautiful way to decorate your mantel or table for the holidays by adding a seasonal touch of red to your decorating scheme! 

You can also get a little more personalized with your cranberries, by creating an “initial” of your family name.  You can purchase practically any size and shape of initials at any craft store these days, so why not pick up your initial today and get ready to start crafting.  Just use your store purchased initial and hot glue your cranberries onto it.  Make sure you keep your cranberries in a straight line on your initial, so start at the top and work your way down.  You can also add a ribbon to your initial, or sprinkle it with some fake snow for an added touch. 

If you don’t want to work with cranberries, you can use small bulbs in either the glass cylinders or on the initials for added flare. 

As always, Themes N Things is here to provide you with seasonal tips and tricks to enhance your holidays!  Your One-Stop Shop for all your seasonal needs

Everyone LOVES Halloween!  Making props at home can also be fun. We started our Halloween prop with brown shipping paper and masking tape.  We named him “Bones“.  You can also use newspaper or anything else you have just lying around at home to start the body, just use your imagination!  Bones is in the first stage of production right now, but will end up looking quite scary.    The next step for Bones is to paper mache him with small strips of newspaper and an Elmer’s glue & water mix.  We will need to decide if we want him to be in a sitting position or standing, since the paper mache when dry will make his now lifeless body quite stiff.  We might go with the sitting position, as we will probably prop him up next to one of our tombstones in our front yard home haunt this year.  We made his fingers quite long so we can cut them to the length we want and will attach fake finger nails to him as well.  The finger nails will be cut to make a ragged look, like he was trying to scratch his way out of the grave and of course, we will add quite a bit of dirt under his nails to achieve that look.  His feet will also be tattered with long claws.  String can be attached up his legs, arms and neck to create the look of veins, all of which can be painted when he is complete.  Now for the fun part, creating Bones’ face!  Eye sockets need to be made, but we will cut those out after we paper mache him, so his face has a good stiff form to work from.  To make his nose and jaw, we will cut up cereal boxes (lighter cardboard works best) and attach small pieces to his face with masking tape or a glue gun.  We purchased a set of blue eyeballs that we will adhere in his eye sockets with velcro, in case we ever want to change his eye color down the road. 

Making Halloween props at home is fun, inexpensive, and the more creative you are, the better your homemade prop will turn out!  We will keep you updated on our progress with Bones and he turns from a mild mannered shipping paper dummy to a prop that you don’t want to turn your back on! 

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Let your kids start counting down the days until Christmas with one of these talking countdown clocks with their favorite characters!

Dimensions:  5″ x 5″ x 3 !/2″
Material:  Plastic
Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

This talking countdown clock lets you know how many more days until Christmas!  A charming detailed scene featuring your favorite Disney character displays the number of days left before Christmas on a gift-wrapped package.   Press the button to hear it talk, it says a new phrase for every day.  The fun phrases are spoken in true character voices, such as “Oh Boy! It’s the first day of December and Christmas will be here before you know it!”

Dimensions:  5″ x 5″ x 3 !/2″
Material:  Plastic
Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

This talking countdown clock lets you know how many more days until Christmas! A charming detailed scene featuring your favorite Disney Character displays the number of days left before Christmas on a gift-wrapped package. 
Press the button to hear it talk, it says a new phrase for every day.  The fun phrases are spoken in true character voices, such as “Waitaminit….. It’s December 1st already?”

Let Themes N Things decorate your holidays!
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DIMENSIONS:  4-1/8″ x 4″ x 3-3/8″

What makes this item unique?  When burning the incense, smoke rises from the chimney!

Looking for an interesting holiday gift for someone this year?  This delightfully designed incense burner comes with 50 pieces of cone incense in a scent that coordinates with the burner’s style.

The rustic Log Cabin burner (4-1/8″ x 4″ x 3-3/8″) includes spruce pine incense. 
The incense cones measure 1″ x 1/2″ dia.
Burners are made of earthenware and cold cast ceramic. 

This makes a great gift for just about anyone or great gift idea for that office gift exchange when you don’t know what to give!
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Christmas in July

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It’s hot outside, your sweaty and longing for some relief from the heat.  Aren’t you?  Although you are definitely NOT ready to shovel snow again, you may be dreaming of  Christmas celebrations and the joy that the holidays bring.  You can’t actually change the season right now, but the closest you can get to doing so is reduce the time left for Christmas and celebrate it now, in July.  That’s what so many are doing year after year.  An unofficial holiday, Christmas in July, imitates the festivities of the actual Christmas season and signifies our yearning for the coolness of winter amid the scorching summer months. 

Come July, we find people everywhere making a mad rush to nearby stores, shops and malls to start buying gift items for friends and family.  Those people that start their shopping early are usually the ones who don’t mind it when their credit card statement arrives in January because they have started their shopping ahead of the game, and did not wait until the last minute.   More and more stores start putting out their holiday displays months in advance, and it seems that every year they start earlier and earlier, so it may not surprise you if you saw a Christmas display in July! 

Some families love the concept of Christmas in July, especially if their family members are all across the states, because it is easier for them to have a get together in July when it is more favorable for a vacation rather than the freezing winter months when long distance journeys are really hard to deal with.  Despite the rampant commercialization, Christmas in July remains primarily an occasion to remember the northern hemisphere’s snow blanketed Christmas nights.  It is a fun way to satisfy the craving for cooler weather and holiday cheer that many people experience during the hottest month of the year. 

Happy Holidays to you – Christmas is only 167 days away!  Time to start shopping and beat the rush!
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