Stressed out about Halloween?

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Halloween
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Are you stressed out about Halloween coming?  Don’t be.  Most people don’t even start thinking about anything Halloweenish until September, but we have news for you!  If you are one of the many who do this, you may find yourself out of luck when looking for any Halloween props & accessories for your home haunt.   We wrote about this in an earlier post and thought that it would be beneficial to mention it again, that the best time to start stocking up on your Halloween Props, Ghouls, Tombsstones, Fog Machines, Light Shows, and even the simpliest home decor is right NOW!  Most suppliers are stocking up as we speak on all of their Halloween items and if you wait until September you will find that most items will be out of stock.  It’s true that all local retailers will stock their shelves when Halloween nears, but what you don’t know is that each store only carries a few items of each prop or decor, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  They don’t restock.   So, if you are into Halloween as much as we are, NOW is the best time to start planning on what you want to purchase, then grab it before it’s gone! 

Don’t stress out about Halloween!  Sometimes, all it takes is the simpliest props for your Home Haunt to make a spectacular scene.  Shown here, we have a nice RIP Tombstone and a simple groundbreaker prop, and with a little lighting effect of an amber flood light, we created this spooky scene in our own haunt.  Using blue flood lights will also create a nice creepy effect on your props as well.  Don’t forget that when you use black lights on your props, make sure to use them only on props that are mostly white,  as this will make your props glow.  Even if you have a dark colored prop with white eyes, the black light will make the eyes glow too.  So, don’t stress out about Halloween being only 128 days away, make the best use of your time and think simple, but effective uses of your time with some of our tips and tricks. 

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