Christmas Memories

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Christmas
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Christmas is my second favorite time of the year, other than Halloween, because I find myself getting all caught up in the Christmas music, wrapping presents ever so nice with great big bows, decorating the house, the scent of cinnamon in the oil burner, making Christmas cookies (and eating them too, of course), family get-togethers, and sharing a good glass of wine with your loved one.  But one of the best thing about Christmas is remembering some good ole childhood memories, and one that comes to mind is when my sister caught me unwrapping my presents when I was little and said that they were going to tell Mom & Dad.  Of course, the only way to get out of that situation was with a huge bribe.  (even though I paid dearly, for some reason I never forgot that childhood memory)  One of my favorite holiday traditions is to pick up a new ornament each year to put on the tree and every year thereafter, then your tree is filled with many memories.  Sharing the holidays with your family and loved one is the most precious gift of all.  Nothing compares to the love that is shared when you can feel it in your heart.  How do you make your holidays special? 


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