Smokey the Bear would not approve

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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On long holiday weekends, you never know what to expect.  We go for the more quiet weekends and enjoy our time at home, but something happened to change all of that.  This all started one night, when our neighbor got cold sitting outside.  He decided to start a small fire in his grill so he could read on his patio.  As we watched him put one box after the next into the grill, the flames just shot out of the grill like crazy, then died.  As we quietly watched from our own yard…we got an idea.  “Hey, don’t we have some boxes that could be burned too?”   We scurried quickly into the house to grab whatever box we could and then hauled them next door.   To our neighbors surprise, he smiled, then shoved them into his grill… POOF went more flames instantly.  WE were hooked!  Had to go find more boxes now, and….grab our digital camera.  We started adding box after box to his grill and watched as the flames got higher and higher, not to mention hotter.  It all started off so innocently, and turned into the best photo shoot, as we viewed frame after frame (actually more than 60+ photos) and found some interesting “things” in the flames.  We saw more spooky faces than we could imagine in the flames, one right after the next.  It was kinda like those ink blot tests trying to figure out what you saw – “wait, was that a bunny? no it’s a skull, no wait…”  Who knew that spending a night at home could be so much fun with your neighbor (although we think he may need a new grill now), not to mention what a great impromto photo shoot & abstract art that we turned out.   What can you find in our photo’s?



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