What Motivates You?

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Halloween
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What motivates you?  What motivates you when you think about Halloween?  Is it the awesome props, is it the candy (lol), is it the trick-or-treaters and their cute costumes, is it your strobe lights, is it that cool webcaster gun that you bought last year that shoots realistic spider webs all over your bushes and house, is it your significant other that is intriguied with the holiday (and you are too, admit it), is it the neat tombstones you place ever so carefully in your front yard, or is it the neat way your fog machine smokes up the neighborhood?  Whatever motivates you is how you will pull off the greatest home haunt of the year.  Your inspiration, motivation, creativity, and time (of course) is all what it takes to turn an ordinary night into something spectacular!  If you need an extra boost in your home haunt this year – we can help!  We continually strive to find everything that you need to enhance your scare factor and take it to the next level!  Check out our website and see how we can assist you in making your Halloween the best ever!  www.themesnthings.com


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