Shocking Silhouettes

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Halloween
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As day fades aways and turns to night, pull out your candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home haunt.  When spooky silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls. 

How to Get this Effect:  First, printout any of your favorite Halloween templates, the simplier the shape, the better.  Now, trace onto heavyweight black card stock, cut out design with a utility knife.  Straighten a length of 18-gauge wire, and tape one end to the back of the card stock creature. 

Using pliers, shape the other end of the wire into a circle large enough to loop around the bottom of a candleholder.  Bend the wire so the card stock creature is positioned behind the back lip of the glass. 

Be sure to use a candleholder that is taller than the candle, in order to keep the flame away from the cutout.  Adjust distance from wall to create smaller or larger shadows.


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