Get out your cookie cutters!

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Halloween

Get out your cookie cutters to create the most spectacular carved pumpkins around!  You can carve some warmly lit hearts, luminous stars, glowing clovers, or some twinkling diamonds right into your pumpkin.   You can use smaller pumpkins to line your walkway instead of the luminary bags.  Instead of using a candle in your pumpkin, you can use a large clear Christmas bulb or gather together a bunch of the smaller clear bulbs for more light.

How to use your cookie cutter:  Make sure first that you are using the metal cookie cutters, as these work best, and tap the cookie cutter with a hammer into the pumpkin.  Now, take your plyers out and remove the cookie cutter.  You may need to use a small serrated knife to finish the design in case the cookie cutter does not make it through the width of the pumpkin.    You can also use your household drill with a large drill bit to make unique uniform circles around your pumpkin. 

The more creative you are, the better the results you will achieve!  Don’t forget to use your metal bat cookie cutter for some batty fun!

  1. What a great blog, Thanks for sharing!

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