Halloween Lighting & Special Effects

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Halloween
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When setting up any Halloween home haunt, there are two key elements that are required to set the scene.  To achieve the eerie lighting effect, strobe lighting and black lighting sets the tone.  Have multiple sizes of strobes available which can be synchronized using a Gemmy Light Show.  The strobes can be in sync with your chosen soundtrack.  Same thing holds true for black lighting.  Black lighting can be as small as a light bulb, and as large as a 48″ tube.  Multiple colored flood lights also adds a great effect to highlight tombstones or any outdoor yard props.  Props that have greater areas of white will also be accented more visibly to create the eerie illusion. 

To complete the effects, multiple fog machines work the best.  Fog machines are available in multiple sizes and wattages.  The low lying fog machines work best, and can be operated using a remote control timer.  Locate your fog machines throughout your display for an even more haunting graveyard effect. 

Haunted lighted willow trees are available to complete the scene.  Various size trees add a more realistic setting.  The Halloween lighted trees are available in size ranging from 3′ to 6′, and come with lights already attached.  The smaller the tree, the minimal the lights.  The 6′ Halloween trees can have up to 200 lights, but more light sets can be added.  For a minimal amount of money you can achieve maximum amount of haunted looking results.  Your trick-or-treaters will be either amazed or even frightened when they enter your home haunt.


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